Propel Retreat 2014

2014 propel retreat dates

2014 propel retreat dates

I am so excited to announce that our 2014 Propel Retreat will be held October 20 to October 23.  I will be releasing more info in the next coming weeks, including our sponsors, location…  I may even do a giveaway for one seat, so follow #propelworkshops and get on the mailing list if you haven’t already!  Folks on the mailing list will be notified first of the giveaway!

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propel photography workshop review | hunter photographic

hunter photographic
“I wanted to take a moment to give you a quick update since Propel.  First, I completely revamped my pricing, which included a major increase… and it’s working! My ability to book clients has not decreased, and those I am booking are solid. Furthermore, the packages include less work, so I will get the double-benefit of more income and less work. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.”
“On other Propel topics, I have been published a couple times since the retreat… I do have a Knot Magazine feature coming soon. Also, I think I got into the heads of local wedding planners with my portfolio. I’m now getting contacted more frequently by planners for higher-budget weddings. I’m even getting contacted by planners I have never met or marketed to.  Overall, life is good. I just wanted to offer a very sincere thank you.”
Hunter is a Wedding photographer from Cleveland, OH.  See some of Hunter’s beautiful photos from the first Propel Retreat!

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Propel Photography Workshop Review | Aimee

Propel [photography mentoring by Caroline Tran] is just that times a million.  It is mentoring loaded with technique, style, and extreme amounts of happy, pretty goodness…   This is the number one workshop I recommend now when photographers ask about my past workshop experiences.”

“Caroline continues to support us all after the workshop.  We have a group where we can openly share, ask for advice,  talk about technique and equipment, and MORE.  Absolutely completely wonderful.”

“Photos from multiple photographers from the styled sessions were published in Utterly EngagedRuffled, and 100 Layer Cake.  AWESOME!”

Aimee is a mother and wonderful photographer from Minnesota.  Read her entire Propel Workshop Review on her blog.

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propel photography workshop review | annie vovan

annie vovan

“I have invested in 2 other workshops prior to enrolling in Propel and I believe Propel offered something radically different than the others. What it comes down to is everlasting mentorship that I have with Caroline that even exists today.
 Its actually been a year since I have done the workshop, but a lot of the pearls of wisdom Caroline discussed has stuck with me. From Propel, Caroline has a number of activities that forces her students to really think and delve into their blocks that is getting in the way of  their business. Right away, in one of the exercises, it was clear that I was shooting photos that were not consistent to my brand and it was this that I worked on from that time on. This was probably the strongest take away that I had. With Caroline’s own work, it is ridiculously obvious which photos are hers — she has such a signature style that you can pick it out of a magazine or blog so effortless. I feel like I have made leaps and bounds in this area.
Among other things, she encouraged us to find ways to set ourselves apart and how to streamline our business so that we weren’t prisoners to the parts of our business that we didn’t like as much. In other words, we took a hard look at everything from our daily operations to post processing, and then looked at marketing and client relationship building. Even a year out, I have applied some principles to my business because of what I learned during Propel.
She is a smart business women for one, and is reliable when you have questions or need feedback on your own work. I can say, that the investment was well worth it in the time you spend with her during Propel and what you get out of it to help your business elevate to another level.”
See more of Annie Vovan’s photos from Propel.

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Propel Photography Workshop Review | Kimberly Chau

kimberly chau

“I wanted to connect with a more intimate group and explore film photography.”

“We spent the next two days bonding, learning, and growing friendships with one another… We also connected with vendors from the area who worked so hard to design our shoots and were so much fun to be with!”

“Caroline gave us tips on how-to run a business artistically as well as practically. The classes were informative with opportunities to interact with the different photographers and to ask Caroline questions about her experience.”

“Caroline opens up herself with honest advice about being a wedding photographer, wife, and mom. She has become a great mentor to me and together with our group from the Malibu PROPEL WORKSHOP, she has kept me accountable in keeping my goals. Thank you, Caroline + wonderful Propellers!”

Kimberly is a Houston, TX based photographer.  Read more about her experience on her blog!

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