Propel Photography Workshop Review | Kimberly Chau

kimberly chau

“I wanted to connect with a more intimate group and explore film photography.”

“We spent the next two days bonding, learning, and growing friendships with one another… We also connected with vendors from the area who worked so hard to design our shoots and were so much fun to be with!”

“Caroline gave us tips on how-to run a business artistically as well as practically. The classes were informative with opportunities to interact with the different photographers and to ask Caroline questions about her experience.”

“Caroline opens up herself with honest advice about being a wedding photographer, wife, and mom. She has become a great mentor to me and together with our group from the Malibu¬†PROPEL WORKSHOP, she has kept me accountable in keeping my goals. Thank you, Caroline + wonderful Propellers!”

Kimberly is a Houston, TX based photographer.  Read more about her experience on her blog!

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