propel workshop review | angel

“Caroline used to be a physics teacher, so I knew that her love of teaching would bring a new level of learning to her workshop… From the time that I arrived, I was impressed at the amount of detail and planning that went into the day…  A fabulous breakfast, materials (all in pretty branding) were provided and even the seating was arranged. One of my favorite sections of the workshop was that prior to the workshop, Caroline asked us to send in 5 of our photos…We did a group experiment with the photos and that lesson in itself has forever changed the way that I look at my photography style and my branding.

Caroline let us  have individual time to shoot the details and couples and arranged the shoots in a way that we were able to create our own art and sense of style. It was very inspiring to watch my new friends work!

I have totally re-worked my branding… and I have a lot of good changes that are in the making! There were so many things that I have taken away from this workshop… a lot of things that I should have been doing for years and had NO idea… most importantly I have achieved my personal private goal that I’ve had for 7 years that I shared in confidence with the group at the workshop. It was a lovely, fun day and I can truly say that the video on her Propel workshop page portrays the excitement of the day!”

Angel is an Indianapolis based photographer. Read her full Propel review & see her pretty pictures!

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