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“Propel left me a new level of self confidence, a new circle of contacts from all over the United States and a fire to go and revamp my business.  I learned I was not running a “sustainable business” and needed to remove the emotional part that was clouding my pricing vision.  I learned to trust my vision, stop questioning myself and really go for my goals.  I was so happy with the location as well as vendors presented…

Every single detail from start to finish was impeccable. Propel was Style-Me-Pretty beautiful.  SO much thought and planning went into the workshop – any new propeller will be thrilled.  I do have to say all of the materials and vendors, I have either visited their sites multiple times or purchased from them because they are the best and I want the best for my business.  I was once told, successful people invest in themselves – Propel was a great investment for me!
Cheryl is a lifestyle photographer based in St. Louis, MO.
Check out her blog to see more of her beautiful work from the Pasadena Propel.

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